lyceeLearning support is the Sanady Foundation’s main purpose. It aims to overcome students’ weakness in the main subject areas, to consolidate what they have learned and to provide them with solid basic skills.

The Sanady Foundation emphasizes scientific subjects and the French language in order to make up for the students’ weak level in these disciplines.


Classes are given on the public school premises and generally begin at 6:30pm on weekdays and at 9am on weekends.

Average class size is 12 students, which allows teachers to give their full attention, to easily identify each student’s needs and to meet these needs. This way, students can express themselves and interact more easily with the teachers.

The Sanady Foundation pays particular, continuous attention to the quality of the classes given, and as such, has developed a methodological approach that combines discipline and flexibility.

The students’ level is examined at the start of the school year using a diagnostic assessment that helps to identify the students’ difficulties and the type of accumulated weaknesses they may have.

The Foundation’s teaching team then proceeds to define a class program adapted to the children’s needs.

Biannual assessments of the students’ level are organized in order to measure progress made and make adjustments if necessary.